To the Rescue, by Karen

To the Rescue, by Karen

Hello all!

My name is Karen and I am the K2 and K3 teacher for Dadi-Prestige International. Over the last week I have been planning lessons for our upcoming term, focusing on the first unit called ‘To The Rescue’. It is part of the IEYC curriculum and all about superheroes!

Going through the unit and working out which lessons I want to focus on has been very enjoyable, and I am sure I am going to have as much fun teaching this unit as the children will have enjoying the various activities, games, sports and parades involved.

The unit focuses on superheroes- What are they? What powers do they have? If you could be one, what would your hero’s powers be? During the course of the term, the children will utilise their imagination to create their own character, and have the freedom to discuss how they can help others with the powers they choose.

Using their characters, we will learn about different emotions and the context surrounding them. We will also be learning about ‘everyday heroes’, people such as firemen and paramedics that help us when we are in trouble. We will learn how important it is to help others and how this is enabled differently around the world, helping the children gain international mindfulness.

Science is a large part of this unit, and using their special powers, we will be learning about ‘super senses’, forces and movement, exploring flight and the properties of ice.

The unit encourages the IEYC principals of independence and interdependence, communication, enquiry and healthy living with physical well-being. All activities are children centred and led, aiming to build confidence through enquiry and action and also socialisation with class mates encouraging respect for others.

This is a very fun unit! Numeracy, literacy and phonics will be incorporated into each class in a way that the children will be able to experience in an exciting way- making learning fun!

I look forward to starting this unit with my new class and discovering each individual character and unique interests.

Teacher Karen