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Student’s health, safety and happiness is important to us here at DPIA,
and to ensure this, please take note of the following:

Welcome to DPIA!

If this is your child’s first time at school, or even if they have previously been to another, it is important that you read and take note of the following general introduction policy.

Student’s health, safety and happiness are important to us here at DPIA, and to ensure this, we ask that you follow these policies:

  • No money, phones, cameras, tablets or other electronic devices can be brought to the school. If students repeatedly break this rule and bring items to school, then we have the power to confiscate them for a period of time to be determined. This is to ensure that all students are equal, and that no damages or losses occur.
  • If you wish for your child to bring a snack, meal or drink from home, please mark clearly the name of the student on the item. For your child’s health, no fizzy and sugary drinks, coffee or excessively sugary snacks are allowed. All water or milk bottles must be clearly labelled with your child’s name, and amounts of milk noted.
  • Please make sure your child wears the correct uniform on a daily basis, including sensible footwear, and PE and swimming clothes on those days. Shoes with heels or sports shoes with studs are not allowed. A towel, and a change of clothes is required in case of any unexpected toilet accidents or incidents. If your child wears nappies/diapers, please bring spares. Please mark clearly your child’s name on all items.
  • Arriving to school at the correct time is important, although we do understand that on occasion events happen that can mean your child is late for school. However, if students are repeatedly late we may call to you to discuss the impact this is having on your child’s education and to discuss possible solutions.
  • For full day students and half day morning students, expected time of arrival is between 7.30 – 8.00am, for afternoon it is 12.45 – 1.15pm. Collection times for half day morning students is 11.00 – 11.30am, and for full day students it is 3.30 – 4.00pm. If your child is part of the after school programme, then collection is between 5.00 – 5.15pm. If these times do not suit, or alternative arrangements need to be made, then please notify us as soon as possible.
  • Birthday celebrations are important and we understand your desire to celebrate this special day. There are some regulations in place that ensure that there is not too much disruption to the class but that there is still opportunity to celebrate together. Please contact reception for further clarification.
  • During the first few days, your child may be upset to be apart from you – this is completely normal and passes quickly for most children. For the first few days, we will allow you to enter the classroom with your child at the beginning, however, we do not allow a parent or guardian to stay for the entire session as this can be disruptive, and can delay the settling process.
  • We ask that you do not take pictures or videos, unless specific permission is granted. Privacy of our students and staff is important to us, and we ask that you complete the separate publicity permission form.
  • Please ensure you, or the designated guardian, bring the pick-up card when collecting your child. If there are any changes to any collection arrangements, please notify us as soon as possible.
  • Small accidents or incidents do happen on occasion, though staff members and other responsible adults will exercise all reasonable caution and supervision while on the school campus. However, the parents agree that the school cannot accept liability for accidents on the school grounds. Initial first aid will be given on the premises, and you will be notified of the event afterwards. In the unlikely event that a severe accident or incident, you will be notified immediately and if necessary, we will take your child to a hospital or clinic as per the emergency treatment form.
  • Communication between the school and the home is very important to us. That is why you will be able to view your child’s Learning Journey Book every Friday, which has an overview of the activities and learning that has taken place. However, we ask that you do not take this home at first – the Learning Journey Book will be given to you at the end of every term for you to keep.
  • Each term will conclude in a Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC), which will include progress reports for your child. The PTC is your opportunity to discuss with the teachers your child’s progress during the term. Of course, if you would like to see the teachers before this, then you are more than welcome to make an appointment to do so.
  • For Early Years Students, we give home-learning 1 time per week. This will be an activity that reflects what has been learnt in the school that week, and is a good opportunity for you to spend time with your child and link with what they have been learning in school. However, we ask that you do not complete the activity on behalf of the child but rather encourage your child to complete it themselves, even if they make mistakes – this is part of the learning process for any student.

We are dedicated to the development, protection and care of all children whilst in our school, and these policies reflect this and enable us to do so. We look forward to working with you as a partnership between the school and home

Should you have any questions or queries, or would like further information about these policies, please do not hesitate to contact us on 092 200 534 or 093 200 534.

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