Planning, by Alix

Planning, by Alix

Hi all!

My name is Alix and I’m the nursery English teacher here at Dadi Prestige. For the past few weeks we’ve been busy planning the upcoming term for all of our new students and I’d like to share with you how that’s been going.

Planning the IEYC curriculum involves a lot of brainstorming and creativity to ensure that the children will be kept busy and be able to develop independence, interdependence, communication, enquiring and healthy living skills that will form the basis for the rest of their lives. The unit I am planning at the moment is ‘This Is Me: Me and My World,’ which encourages children to explore themselves, their environment and those around them. Our classroom will have a home set up so that children can feel comfortable in their classroom, especially when it will be the first time attending school for many of them. We will learn about body parts, families, the home and how to look after yourself and others over the course of the term.

This should be an enjoyable unit for the children in which they begin a journey of discovering themselves and the world around them. It will form a base for much of their future schooling and teach them some foundational knowledge such as body parts, feelings, emotions, families, homes and hygiene.

I look forward to meeting you and your children at our upcoming drop in sessions!

Teacher Alix