Our Staff


Our fun, friendly and experienced teachers are here to make sure your child’s learning journey is as successful as possible!

Whether from China, the UK or Australia, our native-speaking teachers collaborative efforts ensure that teaching is effective and put learning at the heart of what they do. Using the best in international methodology, our teachers are passionate about developing education and giving the best start for your child, making sure that every child has the ability to reach their full potential.

Dadi Prestige International Academy provides international-standard quality education right here in Phnom Penh.


Molody has been working for Dadi Kindergarten in her native Fujian province of China for 2 years. She enjoys teaching, and seeing her kids smiling makes her happy. Melody enjoys learning different languages, and loves to travel. She is excited to learn more about the culture and people of Cambodia.


Being patient and having a responsible attitude is an absolute must for a Kindergarten teacher, and Daisy displays these personality traits on a daily basis. Having worked for Dadi in China, she is keen to bring her passion for teaching young children to Cambodia. She enjoys music and dancing, and believes these activities can help children enjoy school and help them learn.


Working for a DADI kindergarten in her homeland of Fujian province in China for 5 years, Dora knows what it takes, and how important it is, to see happy and engaged children. Fun and friendly, Dora loves to listen to the ideas of her students and use their natural curiosity to help them learn. She is excited and grateful to be given the opportunity to do what she loves here in Cambodia.


She was born in Northern Ireland and is a native English Speaker and recently moved to Cambodia in August 2018. She used to work within an administration role in England within a vast children’s center. She attended St. David’s Technology College, in Middleborough, England. She has TOEFL certificate with TOEFL Org UK, Edinburgh, including: Grammar certificate, teaching young learners, teaching business English and methodology. She has vast experience in working with a variety of children from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. She uses a varied curriculum and has very hands on teaching style to help children learn in the manner that best suits them. Jen believes in keeping a positive and creative learning environment to help children achieve their best academic potential.


Teacher Shanae was born in Victoria, Australia and is a native English speaker. She has extensive experience in both youth work and teaching and has lived and worked in Canada, South America and now resides in Cambodia. Shanae has taught English to children and adults across many different settings from teaching Primary and early learning in Colombia, to teaching at English camps in Poland, teaching refugees conversational and business English in Australia, teaching young learners from Hong Kong and Beijing on an online platform and private tutoring kids and adults. She studied at both Brauer College and Victoria University in Australia and holds a TEFL certification with The TEFL Academy, UK but credits most of her learning to mentors and inspirational people that she has worked alongside over the years. She works hard to create fun and engaging lessons that cater for all types of learners!


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