Dadi’s History


China-based Dadi is the world leader in Chinese language kindergarten studies.

With over 600 school campuses worldwide and over 28 years of experience, Dadi are the world leaders when it comes to modern Chinese language learning for children.

Dadi has a great emphasis on language and maths being taught in a fun, friendly and modern manner. It’s clear that engaged and happy children learn much quicker than children who are bored, and our extensively trained and experienced native Chinese speaking teachers ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Learning Chinese daily through a full curriculum, rather than just as a language add on, can make a big difference to not only the skill of the children but also how interested they are in learning. Books, painting, writing, games and many other ways are used to encourage children’s interest of writing and reading of books, and this cultivates good reading and writing habits and skills for life.

With strong and diversified forms of teaching, Dadi have arranged a complete system of mathematical learning to promote the children’s language, space, interpersonal skills , observation, manipulation and others in a way of coordinated development to stimulate a child’s interest in learning maths.

  • Dadi Chinese programme
  • Traditional language and mathematics
  • Taught with modern methods
Dadi-Prestige History


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