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珠心算简介 Abacus

珠心算的教材内容图文并茂,文字通俗易懂,并配有儿歌,面向每一个儿童,课 程融合了趣味性、知识性、娱乐性、科学性、通用性。珠心算课程可挖掘和提高 幼儿的学习潜能,并能使孩子精确掌握数字的作用。经实验证明,幼儿园的小朋 友和低年级的学生学习珠心算,对提高儿童的计算水平、开发右脑潜能,增强记 忆能力、培养思维的敏捷性等都具有明显的促进作用。

With its textbook full of illustrations, language easy to understand, and accompanied by beautiful music intended for children only, the course of Abacus Mental Arithmetic is designed to bring forth fun and entertainment, knowledge and scientific, practical uses for children. Furthermore, this course will enlarge children’s capacity to learn, especially enabling them to use numbers more aptly and become more confident in maths. Use of Abacus Maths in previous cases of pupils from kindergarten and lower grades, has shown to be of much help with the cultivation in calculating ability, mathematical function in the brain and increased memory in children.

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