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Welcome to Dadi Prestige International Academy.

To foster a love of learning for children is one of the most important objectives an educator can have. Igniting children’s natural curiosity, developing independent thinkers and creating happy learners is why I love my job as Principal, and here at Dadi-Prestige International Academy we are committed to providing the best in educational services for your child.

With our team of passionate, hardworking and dedicated staff, including international teachers from China, the UK and Australia, we can ensure that your child has the ability to reach their full potential during these early stages of their educational development.

Having lived in Cambodia for 6 years, I have seen the rapid development of this country in an increasingly globalised world, whilst still maintaining its independence and own unique culture. As I was born in Hong Kong, and then later moving to Britain as a child, I have been fortunate enough to experience the world from a young age. Because of this, I see the importance of not only acquiring language skills, but also to develop our sense of International Mindedness; whether that is understanding other cultures and peoples, or acknowledging the role we play in our communities and the impact that can have globally.

I am honoured to be Principal at such a prestigious institution. Whether by blending the best of both Chinese and English curricula through the China-based Dadi and UK-based IEYC programmes, or offering the best setting for your child with our world-class facilities, Dadi Prestige International Academy is truly a student-centred school, dedicated to providing high quality learning for your child.

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The first truly global-standard multilingual English-Chinese school in Phnom Penh


To provide children from various backgrounds with a prestigious and solid educational foundation that prepares them for their life-long learning journey, international exposures, future career or business success in the ever-changing global environment, and development to their fullest potential as unique and proud individuals.


To achieve our vision for our students, we will:
Develop independent, curious, confident and resilient learners using the best of international curriculums in English and Chinese based on modern research and international best practices. Encourage children to respect themselves, each other, and their environment and inspire students to develop their personal goals and values. Read more…


We strongly believe that children from all backgrounds and walks of life have gifted talents in different areas.  They can cultivate their full potential provided that they are given the right opportunity and the right education from their early stage of development in life.

  • Supportive learning environment
  • Individual attention from experienced staff
  • Native-speaking teachers
  • First class facilities
  • After school programme
Dadi-Prestige School Teacher and Kid

Caring Teachers

Our native-speaking teachers are trained to deliver first-class lessons.

Multilingual Programme

We offer the only truly global- standard multilingual English-Chinese school in Phnom Penh.

Dadi-Prestige School Teacher and Kid

Tailored Curriculum

Our early years programme is taught through themes.

Dadi-Prestige Classroom

Great Facilities

Large classrooms, reading areas, swimming pool and gym.


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